Q & A with our own Billy Elliot – Thomas Whitcomb!

As we approach opening night, join us for a little Q & A time with some of the BILLY ELLIOT cast!

Today, we spend a little time catching up with the leading man himself, Thomas Whitcomb!

Thomas Whitcomb

Thomas Whitcomb

Q: Tell me all about your character!

A: Billy, when really picked apart, is just a kid who’s trying to figure out where he fits in. His whole life his family has pushed him to do manly things, such as boxing. Although, this is not what Billy truly feels happy doing. He finds what really makes him happy and comfortable is something that people who know him aren’t very fond about. Many people can relate to this situation. This a very simple take on it. The character and plot become very complicated when set against the miners strike of the 1980s. Also, in an area where ballet, which is what Billy becomes interested in, is looked down upon. With all this against him, Billy gets very discouraged. However with the support of his ballet teacher, he pulls through and becomes what he wanted to be all along. The character of Billy is a very dynamic one that many can relate to the root of his conflict. A very interesting role. 

Q: When did you first start performing?

A: I started performing when I was about 9; I did a summer theatre camp. Although, up until then, I basically performed for my family all the time! But one summer my mom signed me up for this camp. It was just a week long and the camp included teaching you to act, sing, and dance. At first, I was beyond shy. I was the only boy in a camp full of girls. But after awhile, I got really into it. I made friends and really enjoyed all aspects of the camp. At the end of the week, we performed all that we learned and it was my first time in front of an audience. I loved it! The next spring I had my first audition for my first show, How the West Was Dun, and I made it. I had a blast and I haven’t stopped since. Been doing it for about 8 years now!

Q: Who do you think should come out to see BILLY ELLIOT?

A: I think everyone should come out and see BILLY ELLIOT! It’s because this story is about a boy who has such a strong passion for something. I think anyone can appreciate that. Most people have a passion for something and this is the perfect representation of that. Also, people should come to see it if they value the spirit of family, friendship, and perseverance. These morals show through greatly in this musical. Lastly, people should come to see it to smile, cry, and have a good laugh. This show is packed with all different kinds of exciting things. So everyone should see it!

Q: After BILLY ELLIOT, what’s on your calendar?

After BILLY ELLIOT is finished, I plan to appear in Jesus Christ Superstar at Footlite Musicals this August. I will also be attending Plainfield High School as a senior. After that, well whatever comes my way!

Tickets available online and by phone (317-280-0825) for BILLY ELLIOT!

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