Official Cast List of BILLY ELLIOT: THE MUSICAL!


Billy Elliot: Thomas Whitcomb

Mrs. Wilkinson: Holly Stults

Mr. Elliot/Miner: Bill Book

Tony Elliot/Miner: Tyler Ostrander

Michael Caffrey: Jack Ducat

Grandma Elliot: Miki Mathioudakis

Billy’s Mother/Miner Wife: Trisha Shepherd

Mr. Braithwaite/Miner: T J Ford

George/Miner: Dan Scharbrough

Big Davey/Miner/Dream Dance: Bradley Kieper

Miner/Dress/Grandpa/Dancer/Scab: Sean Seager

Miner/Older Billy/Dream Dance: Stu Coleman

Lesley/Miner/Dream dance: Dejuan Jackson

Mr. Wilkinson/Miner/Dream Dance/Scab: John Hayes

Pit Super/Miner: Dennis Jones

Miner/Police/Scab: Frank Ebels

Miner/Gym Rat/Dream Dance: Matt Rohrer

Dance Captain/Miner Wife/Young Grandma: Audrey Brinkley

Clipboard Woman/Miner Wife: Tori Gowdy

Miner Daughter: Jayla Gowdy

Debbie Wilkinson/Ballet Corps: Gwendolyn Stout

Susan Parks/Ballet Corps: Isa Armstrong

Margaret Gormley/Ballet Corps: Kylee Booher

Keely Gibson/Ballet Corps: Kennedy Martin

Tracy Atkinson/Ballet Corps: Taia Baker

Alison Summers/Ballet Corps: Laney McNamar

Angela Summers/Ballet Corps: Bella Doss

Tina Harmer/Ballet Corps: Erin Elberfeld


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2 Responses to Official Cast List of BILLY ELLIOT: THE MUSICAL!

  1. JAMES LASHER says:

    A group of us loved HAIR and JC SUPERSTAR. I do not see the ticket price. What are the prices for individual and groups?

  2. khankins says:

    Hello! Tickets start at $25. Please visit Buy Tickets for all ticketing information.

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