TRIBE MEMBER THURSDAY – Q&A with Anthony Snitker!

Join us every Thursday for our special TRIBE MEMBER THURSDAY feature! Each week, obviously on Thursday, you can join us for a little Q&A with some of the cast!

This afternoon, read a little more about Anthony Snitker! He’s playing Claude in HAIR!

Anthony Snitker

Anthony Snitker


Q: Tell me all about your character Claude!

 I think Claude says it the best, “I’m Aquarius, destined for greatness or    madness.”  But to elaborate a bit more Claude’s a lover.  He’s sensitive, sweet, and a pensive thinker. He cares a lot about doing the right thing for himself and is very much aware of his conscious.   However, sometimes that puts him at odds with some the things his tribe stands for which he loves very deeply. He’s in a constant search of happiness, sense of being, and asking those existential questions.  So at the base of it all he’s a complicated conflicted sweet guy but in the most beautiful way.

Q: 2014 is a very different time from when HAIR was first produced. How is this tribe bringing 2014 to a story that takes place in the 60’s?

Even in 2014 I find that this show still remains relevant to today’s audience.   Obviously we’ve evolved as a culture, and the show may not be as shocking to today’s audience as it was in the 60s, but the show is still about love and hope, something anyone can relate to.  We’re still fighting for equal rights for all Americans, free love, and being environmentally conscious.  It was only recently that we ended a very unpopular war. Racial tensions still pop up in the news.  Yes, we’ve evolved but have we really changed that much?  HAIR points out the hypocrisies in even today’s society.  It so brilliantly asks and challenges it’s audience to look at how they can make change rather than sit on the sidelines and be disappointed. 

Q: Who do you think should come out to see HAIR?

 I think it’d be great if Mike Pence took a day off from banning gay marriage and came to the theatre.  But really this is wonderful show that everyone should come see.

Q: Who in the show is most like their character? 

While I think everyone in the tribe believes in the core values of the hippies. I especially see a lot of similarities between my character Claude and me.  Without getting too deep… For example, Claude puts on a North Country accent in the show and likes to tell people he’s from Manchester, England when he’s actually from Flushing, NY.  As a kid I used to put on a British accent just for fun and pretend I was from England, but that might have had something to do with my obsession with The Spice Girls at the time.  Now I like to tell people I’m from Chicago because of the amazing experience I had in college.  Also, it takes too long to explain to people where McGregor, IA is. 

Q: For fun, what’s the last thing you do before you go out onstage?

One of the last things I do before I go onstage is brush my teeth, floss, and use mouthwash.  I hate worrying about whether or not I have bad breath on stage especially when we’re working so closely with one another. I also love a good hug or two from anyone who’s near me.

Q: After HAIR, what’s on your calendar?

Ahhh!  The week literally after HAIR I’m moving to Los Angeles for a fantastic opportunity with my partner. I have a job and place already out there and I plan on pursuing more theatre and/or film.  I’m very excited but at the same time it’s breaking my heart to leave so many wonderful friends behind.  Our cast has grown really close and it’s really hard to even think about not having these amazing crazy people in my daily life. 

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